FORMAT Exhibition Review

Phillip Wielding – Cutting Corners

This particular exhibition is all about the hazards of cutting corners and doing things without putting any thought about what the outcome may be and how dangerous it is. It showcases a lot of health and safety fails and people who have been caught in the act whilst their misfortune is taking place. As someone who has a love for everything that is art and expressing feelings and thoughts through art I found this to be the most different yet creative piece of art I have come across. I found it very interesting how all the images were of things we see on a daily basis but they were placed in positions that we may not put these objects in. The one that I thought was the most interesting is the image with the chair and ironing board balanced on top. I was gobsmacked when I saw this so many thoughts were running thorough my head, the first one was how in the world did they manage to balance these two things on top of each other? I was so impressed with the lengths Wielding went to, creating this piece of art. I want to know what was going through his head when creating this image and how he came about it? This exhibition is proof that anything can be classed as art, it is how we each look at something and what goes through are head when we are looking at this particular thing. I was also impressed with how the art was spread over the space in different areas of the building.


Eleanor Agostini – A blurry aftertaste

A blurry aftertaste is an exhibition held in deda all about female power and how the domestic notion of a home can be understood. It shows us various shot of the home and all the objects that are contained in any household. Looking at the photos I can see that it’s showing how women are the figure that runs the home and the head of the house. Throughout this exhibition we see normal houseware objects such as a image of a towel stack, which someone is holding, a family portrait of men on ladders whilst a female is on both ladders and one of the women is holding up the man’s leg, which looks like she’s supporting him to stay upright. This photo shows that women are the glue which holds a household together as well as the family members within the home. Two of the images are pictures of the house in two different weather conditions, one of which is raining which makes it looks gloomy and abandoned and the other is where the sun is shining and it looks very welcoming and home like. With these two images in different conditions, it seems almost that the artist was trying to depict that not all things are as we see them. Sometimes things may look like they’re taking a turn for the worst but a sunny day will always come. The image of the woman standing on the man in a powerful position is the one that made me think the most. This represents the power she has over him and how he and the household will be run down to the ground if it wasn’t for her. The images are all black and white, which might showcase that she is leaving him and the house as she knows she doesn’t need him, her life may be a lot more colourful without him.

Shawn Records – Now is the time

Focused on time and the eternal, this explores everyone’s desire to get away and escape the reality of life. It is inspired by aging, anxiety and may also have an element of fear stored within the images, not general fear but the fear of leaving your home town to go somewhere else, the fear of never smelling your mum’s baked pancakes in the morning or the smell of home that makes us all nostalgic and think about the simpler times in life. Within these images Records has places in his exhibition, all have a language of their own and may just speak differently to everyone. Each image may have its own special meaning and have been completely different to what the other person is thinking; this is the best part about this piece of art. There are images of people sitting down simply enjoying each other’s company and others on the bright summer day of Fourth of July.  These images are different and portray elements of happiness. The exhibition is called ‘Now is the time’ the title tells us that the artist wishes to live in the now and not in the past or future, which shows that he wants to be instantly gratified. Something that got me thinking is the fact that all the images were crumpled up and not stuck on the wall properly, which was the artist’s choice. This could be a way the artist wants to show that these images are memories that have been stored away and may not be as clear to us as they were when it was in the moment, as sometimes memories may fade and become blurry to us.

Emily Berl (USA) - Marilyn

When we think of Hollywood there’s always one person who comes to mind, laughing and trying to keep down her dress; Marilyn Monroe. So many people see her as an idol…even today after all these years, she has truly left her mark on society and will forever be alive in Hollywood as one of the most beautiful women with the captivating smile that bedazzled us all. So many of her fans around the world choose to keep her alive by portraying her and dressing like her. Sometimes even acting like her.

Emily Berl chose to bring this notion to life by showcasing to us what it’s like to see people dressing up as the beauty queen of Hollywood. The image where the woman is looking in the mirror doing her make up with real pictures of Marilyn as a décor in her room showcases how much love she has for her. Making images of a celeb come to life is very difficult as many of us never knew Marilyn or how she acted, the fear of offending her or portraying her in a different manner is difficult. Berl has done this to the best of her ability, maybe even to the point where some people don’t even realise that it isn’t Marilyn. I think this piece of art brings a bit of retro back into the building, this exhibition will mean a lot to most people, especially the older generation who grew up watching her sing and dance on the big screen. I really enjoy seeing all the colours come together.

Catch the exhibition at Déda until Saturday 11 May 2019



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