ABOVE: Del Coombes from 'Painting By Numbers' series

Spring 2017 Visual Arts programme launch

We are delighted to be welcoming another selection of local and talented artists to our gallery this Spring: Lyra Morgan, Ruth Gray and Del Coombs.


To celebrate the launch of their new work you are invited to join us at our special launch event on Thursday 5 January at 6.30pm at Déda.

Lyra Morgan (exhibiting 5 January - 4 March)
Artist Lyra Morgan presents abstract but instinctively balanced compositions; her unique non-brush techniques which Lyra has developed through her open and experimental approach to her practice.  All her paintings are intended to evoke the calmness Lyra feels when she creates them, transforming the spaces we live in.

Ruth Gray (exhibiting 5 January - 4 March)
Ruth Gray is a mixed media artist whose stunning artwork focuses on subjects with a sense of history; townscapes or landscapes, rolling skies and hidden corners.Currently a member of The Peak District Artisans, as well as an associate member of Banks Mill Studios in Derby, Ruth states "No matter what my subject, I want to create a painting that people can live with and enjoy for a long time."

Del Coombs (exhibiting 3 January - 23 December)
This exhibition is a culmination of 3 years of work where artist Del Coombs exploited his obsessive tendency to create 3 pieces of work each day; just over 3,000 pieces of work were the outcome. By re-using materials, found items, and ideas, Del creates visual comments on his own life and the world around him.The exhibition will continue from January to December 2017. There will be thirteen different 4 week presentations based on his work from 2014 to 2016.

COMING SOON: Look out for the return of the FORMAT International Photography Festival between 24 March and 23 April 2017!