Class Levels

All of our classes are broken down into one of the following levels:

Level 1: Suitable for beginners, those returning to dance or exercise & people looking to master the fundamentals of a style.

Level 2: Perfect for people seeking progression, skills development and those who want to learn new and more challenging moves or steps.

Level 1 & 2: Designed for all abilities - tutors will ensure all levels are catered for in the session.

Social Dancing


Taught by Urbano tutors, salsa is incredibly popular in the UK and is a brilliant way to meet new people. Fortunately it's relatively easy to learn too - you have nothing to lose but your inhibitions! Baile!

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Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is dramatic, passionate, sensuous, elegant and beautiful. It is a dance where the partners share a moment of joy, connection and fulfillment. In the lessons you will be introduced to the tango in a fun and easygoing way, where the emphasis is on communication and spontaneity rather than memorizing long sequences of steps. In no time, you will be involved in the fascinating world of the tango.

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Ballroom and Latin

The object of the Ballroom Beginners lesson is to show how much fun and how easy it is to learn to dance. We teach Quickstep, Waltz and Foxtrot with a little bit of Latin American thrown in.

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Rock 'n' Roll with a Twist of Swing

Rock 'n' Roll & Jive - Learn the dance styles of the 40s and 50s through these exhilarating and energetic lessons. Please note, our Rock 'n' Roll classes will return in Autumn 2019.

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Accessible Creative Movement

Fun-packed classes where disabled disabled people feel safe to dance and express themselves - carers, friends and families welcome.

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