Class Levels

All of our classes are broken down into one of the following levels:

Level 1: Suitable for beginners, those returning to dance or exercise & people looking to master the fundamentals of a style.

Level 2: Perfect for people seeking progression, skills development and those who want to learn new and more challenging moves or steps.

Level 1 & 2: Designed for all abilities - tutors will ensure all levels are catered for in the session.

Styles & Techniques



Ballet technique classes for Beginners to Intermediates

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Commercial Dance

Music video moves to the latest chart, pop and R&B tunes.

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Contemporary - An energetic class developing dynamic movement and fluid motion

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Belly Dance (Tribal-style)

A beautiful and fun dance form, great for toning, isolation, strength and coordination.

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Aerial Level 1

Primarily using the trapeze, this "introduction to aerial" is a chance to begin learning aerial skills. No previous experience required.

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Aerial Level 2

An introduction to aerial skills for adults, including hoop, trapeze, rope and silks

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Dance Gold

A fun, 'no-pressure' dance class developed especially for the more mature mover; Addressing posture, balance, mobility, strength and coordination.

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