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Aerial Level 2

Sat 29 Feb - Sat 4 Apr 2020
2.00 - 4.00pm
Ropes and Silks
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Adult Static Aerial

Aerial Hoop, also known as 'circeaux' and 'lyra' is an apparatus that looks like a suspended hula-hoop. Performance on this apparatus combines trapeze skills with held poses and postures.

Static Trapeze is a trapeze that is usually 6 feet or more off the ground. Performance commonly involves poses, hangs, drops and rope skills.

Adult Fixed Point Rope and Silks

Rope - also known as Corde Lisse - is an apparatus that resembles a vertically hanging rope, but it is usually made from soft cotton about 25 – 30mm thick, with a loop on the top side of the rope. Performance usually combines held postures, wraps and drops.

Silks, also known as 'tissues' or 'fabrics' is an apparatus consisting of a long piece of cloth with the centre of the cloth suspended from above. Performance on this apparatus combines wraps, drops and held postures.

Gareth Bailey has been performing and teaching Aerial for over fourteen years. He along with his doubles partner Lyn Routledge specialises in solo and doubles cord lisse (rope). During his time as an Aerialist he has had the pleasure of teaching many students on a number of different circus courses, including Circomedia, circus space, Dans and Cirkushogskolan in Sweden and Brighton’s Aerial dance festival and performing in high profile events such as The Royal Variety Show. He currently teaches rope and silks for Nottingham's Tuyo Circus Arts, and is excited to be able to teach the skills which he loves in his home town of Derby.