Never been before and need a bit of reassurance? Our University of Derby placement student Georgia can help!

"I have tried so many dancing styles over the years however, Contemporary is something I have never done before. Before I went to the class I was so nervous and apprehensive, despite having a vague idea of what it may be like I still didn’t really know what to expect. When I arrived we did a warm up and then we went on to do a routine that was put together in a previous week (this is when I began to get a bit shy so I stayed towards the back!) However, the teacher took her time in going over the routine at a slow pace and surprisingly I began to pick up the moves pretty quickly and then I instantly felt more comfortable. I felt I got more and more confident with the style of dance as the class progressed and I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went. One minute it was 6 o’clock and the next it was 7! The class ended with a warm down and stretches, this made me feel very relaxed and uplifted as the music that was used was so soft and calming.

Even though I wasn’t sweating tons after the class, I could still definitely tell I had worked my muscles and stretched out my body. Without a doubt, this is a class I will be going to again as it left me in such a feel good mood."


This class requires little or no previous experience of contemporary dance. Taught by Elizabeth Foster, this is an accessible class with an emphasis on expression and fun.

The class draws on release-based technique, which relies on the clear use of strength exploring momentum, gravity and the use of weight. This class starts off with a warm up to increase the circulation around the body. We then move on to technical exercises that improve posture, core strength, suppleness and all round fitness. This is then followed with an exciting, new routine. The class is finished off with a cool down to relax the body.

Tutor: Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth has had a varied career in dance, working as a dance animator with the Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Rambert Dance Company, as a senior lecturer in dance at Lewisham College and in various roles at Laban. She has an MA in Dance/Movement Theatre and is an Associate Lecturer at Derby University.

What to bring: Anything loose and comfortable– leggings, light joggers, t-shirt, leotard. You will dance barefoot or in socks.


Day Course Time Cost  
Tuesday Contemporary (All Levels) 6.00 - 7.00pm £6 (£5.50) Book Now