Workshop sessions will take place on the last Friday of every month in January, February and March 2018. One workshop will be held at each partner location:

Workshop #1

Workshop #2

Workshop #3

OffSite supported artists Maison Foo at Derby Festé 2017

OffSite supported artists Highly Sprung at Derby Festé 2017

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14924752173_2ccdd66e32_k.jpgDéda OffSite Programme – Outdoor Arts Development

OffSite Year 2 – Outdoor Arts Development

Following a hugely successful debut year: the OffSite programme returns, aiming to build on this success and further development the outdoor arts scene in the Midlands. 

This years programme has been established based on feedback from the sector to offer further opportunities for artists based in the Midlands who are interested in, working in or developing work for an outdoor context. 

Over the course of the year's programme, we look to work in partnership with key regional partners Birmingham Hippodrome, SO Festival, Appetite & Derby Festé, to create opportunities that take regional talent to the national and international market place. 

The Offsite Year 2 Programme will include:

Training and development

Open network

  • As part of the 2018 Derby Festé programme we will host a regional 'meet the programmers' event that allows regional artists and regional programmers the chance to connect in person in a relaxed environment.
  • Create a network of creatives that can support each other’s practice, share knowledge and continue to grow the regional outdoor arts scene
  • Create a series of networking opportunities throughout the year connecting with the wider Midlands and national outdoor sector.

Seed funding

  • Offer a series of seed funding opportunities to artists working or creating work for outdoors, to continue to support the development of the sector regionally
  • Offer time, space and resources needed to enable artists to flourish creatively



Test bed events

  • Further opportunities for artists across the region to test work at key regional events including partner festival programmes and during the 2018 Festé programme.

Offsite Affiliate organisations

For more information about the OffSite Outdoor Arts Development Programme, please contact:

Phill Hargreaves Creative Producer

Tel: 07702 755705

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