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Gandini Juggling: Sigma

Thursday 29 November | 7.30pm “Astonishing skills” ★★★★ The Stage

Makeshift Company: Insomniac's Fable

Dance | Circus
03 Nov 2018
£12 (£10)
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Polyboy is in love with Polygirl.

After struggling to fall asleep one night, Polyboy enters a dreamlike state where his fantasy has come true: Polygirl loves him too. But the dream begins to twist into a nightmare.

Falling into a dream within a dream, Polyboy finds himself lost in a forest, in danger of never finding his way out or waking up...

Insomniac’s Fable combines circus, dance and visual art to tell a tale of unrequited love. Mysterious and immersive, Makeshift Company use stunning projections, animation and music to bring to life a mesmerising theatrical performance.


Recommended for ages 7+

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Meet the members of the Makeshift Company:

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