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Afro-Fusion Workshop Afro-Fusion Workshop

Afro-Fusion Workshop

01.08.24 - 01.08.24
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The Afro-fusion workshop will be a blend of street, Afrobeats and Amapiano dance styles. In this class we will start by developing foundational Afro moves, then progress to a choreographed routine which will be performed in smaller groups at the end of the class.

Come along and explore new ways to express yourself through movement and rhythm. Build self confidence as you master new steps and perform them in front of others, all within a supportive environment.

Whether you’re looking to try something new, improve your dance skills, get fit or simply have fun, this class will offer something for everyone.

Level: This will be an Open class which will cater to both beginners and

Class format:

· Warm up & Stretch

· Introduction to Foundations of Afro

· Choreographed Routine

· Performance (Optional but highly encouraged)

· Cool down

Tutor details:

Changu, a passionate dancer born and raised in Zambia, embarked on her dance journey at a young age. Initially self-taught, she has continuously honed her skills by regularly attending classes and workshops, remaining deeply involved in the dance scene for many years.

Her diverse experience includes teaching classes at Stagecoach Nottingham, delivering workshops for corporate team-building days, and performing at various venues. Notably, she showcased her talent in the Derby Theatre production "4 Wall"

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