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OffSite is a talent development programme created to support the development of performance work (in all varieties and formats) in the outdoor realm. The programme supports artists and producers who are interested in, working in or looking to develop an artistic idea in the Midlands.

The programme was developed in 2016 and has run for three years with great success. We are delighted to be able to announce that funding has been secured to continue the programme until 2022.

The 2020 programme has been developed in partnership with artists, producers, festivals and programmers from across the midlands alongside key national sector leads. to ensure the activity is relevant, current and supportive. Over the course of this year’s programme, we want to work with a broad range of regional partners to create opportunities that take regional talent to new markets including regional, national and international festivals and events.

Offsite 2020 Programme will include:

Training and development

A curated workshop programme, providing opportunities to grow and develop artistic practices in safe environments. Workshops include:

    • Arts Council Funding: Surgeries with ACE colleagues and freelance producers with specific help/questions around funding bids.
    • Getting your work seen:  A diverse panel looks at how best to get your work scene including panel members representing 1 international festival, 1 internationally touring producer/company, 1 national festival and regional festival.
    • The Nuts and Bolts of touring Outdoor Arts.

    Seed funding

    • A series of seed funding opportunities to contribute towards the research, development and creation of new outdoor works.
    • A chance to meet the OffSite partnership and discuss your ideas, work and development plans.
    • Access to the workshop programme to tend to the wider artist development needs.
    • Presentation of a work in progress or performance at one of the OffSite partner festivals (depending on availability and creation time frames).
    • Travel grants to visit festivals regionally and nationally to develop your understanding your own artistic practice in the context of the wider outdoor sector.
    • Bespoke specific training (if appropriate) with practitioners to develop the work.

    Travel Grants

    • Small grants to support artists and producers to travel to events alongside the OffSite network. The purpose of these grants is to allow artists/producers the opportunity to network, see curatorial decisions in action and understand the wider outdoor sector and how your artistic practice sits in that space.

    Test bed events

    Public call out for artists to test ideas, research and productions in a performance or festival environment with an OffSite partner. Test bed events are an excellent opportunity for feedback from festival audiences in real time.

    Offsite 2019 Commissions

    In 2019, #OffSite was proud to support and seed fund the following wonderful performances:

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    Workshops and Training

    Supporting development of the outdoor sector across the midlands, with industry experts offering invaluable insights and CPD opportunities.

    Workshops and Training
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    Seed Funding

    Déda supports Artists and Companies with seed funding for research, development and creation of new outdoor works.

    Seed Funding
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