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BOX OFFICE: 01332 370 911

Download the Déda on Demand brief here.


As a part of the new direction of Déda, we are embarking on creating a new strand of our programme that will enable audiences to access dance and movement experiences in their own space and time. We are calling this new strand Déda on Demand. Our first products for Déda on Demand will be a series of six 45-minute dance and/or movement films produced with acclaimed Derby film company Future Proof Films and entitled Live and Learn.


Live and Learn aims to transform, enhance, enrich, restore, support and inspire in a series of six standalone films, drawn together under one umbrella. The films take the format of individual dance or movement classes, which audiences can engage with on their own or with others. Some of the classes will be for those who are interested in developing their dance and/or movement practice further.

Others will be for those interested in staying active or learning a new skill. Live and Learn aims to provide inclusive, high quality, dance and movement classes through captioned videos in different styles and techniques lead by professional dance and/or movement practitioners from the Midland’s region and will be delivered through ticketing platform Ticketsolve for audiences to purchase for a given period of time.


We would like to invite tenders from the following:
- Midlands based artists, who are happy to travel to Déda for filming.
- We encourage applications from all backgrounds and communities. We hope to create a rich and varied programme so we are seeking a range of different styles.
- Confident and competent dance and/or movement practitioners in the chosen style or technique who have some prior experience of delivering classes through the medium of film/video.
- Dance artists and/or movement practitioners who are aware of the inclusive nature of Déda’s work and be able to communicate effectively using clear and accessible verbal and non-verbal methods.
-Dance artists and/or movement practitioners who can devise and rehearse exclusive content for a Live and Learn class in advance of a half day filming session at Déda.

When and how?

Tenders should be submitted to the marketing team at [email protected] by Monday 17 May 2021 and should include the following:
- CV, covering letter and a link to some examples of your work. These can be sent through in a written or video format.
- Links to any relevant social media pages.
- A short, 30 second video of your proposed idea for a Live and Learn film.

Watch a captioned video version of the call out with our Head of Dance Development and Learning Clare Limb:

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