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We know how great dancing makes us feel, and so we’re championing our health and wellbeing projects which use dance and the arts to improve the quality of life for older adults in our local community. We focus on building strength, confidence and most importantly, building connections and support.

Déda is working on projects across the city and the county aimed at improving people's quality of life through dance and the arts.


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Support Dance Together Live Better

By donating to Déda you enable us to deliver projects that enrich people’s lives with dance and the arts.

  • £5 can support someone living in isolation to attend a Creative Living dance class.
  • £20 can pay for an essential support artist to assist at a Dance for Dementia class.
  • £50 could enable us to provide multi-sensory props for our Dance Active participants to enhance their dance and movement sessions.

Your donations really do make a difference. Thank you.

Our Projects

Dance Active – using evidence-based strength and balance structured exercises we are improving falls prevention and postural stability in older people through dance and physical activity.

Dance for Dementia – Déda is using dance to improve quality of life for people living with dementia. As well as benefits to health through physical exercise, dance positively impacts mental wellbeing, confidence and social interaction.

Creative Living – we have been delivering creative movement sessions for people over 55 across the city. These sessions have been helping to reduce social isolation.


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Donate to Dance Together

By donating to Déda you enable us to deliver projects that enrich people’s lives with dance and the arts. Thank you.

Donate to Dance Together
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Déda in the Community

Déda works across Derby using dance and the arts to break down barriers, improve social cohesion and enrich peoples’ lives.

Déda in the Community
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Class Type

Wondering which class is right for you? Our handy class finder can help. Simply click on either the ‘Adult’ or ‘Children’ button below to see what classes we have to offer.

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Is there a particular day of the week which is more suitable for you? Click on the days listed below to view our current timetable.

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