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Rochene Johnson

Déda Hula Hoop Tutor

Rochene Johnston is the director of Project Hoop based in Nottingham. She started hula hooping in 2015, as a fun escape to some negative aspects going on in her life but it wasn't long before she became obsessed and started practicing daily. In 2017 she started her own company and is now a well known Hoop Star, qualified teacher, performer, and an ambassador for This Girl Can.

Teaching all kinds of hoop related work, she teaches, trains and entertains at national circus events such as The European Juggling Convention, Manchester Aerial & Acro Convention, along with Hulaballoos Summer Hoop Festival. She has featured on the BBC, Notts TV, This Girl Can and varies social media platforms and has done a variety of charity work including working with refugees with Hoops for Humanity in Athens and Hoopstars charity auction.

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Director of Project Hoop

Ambassador This Girl Can

The European Juggling Convention

Manchester Aerial & Acro Convention

Hoops for Humanity


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