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Design your Dream Life - Vision Board Workshop Design your Dream Life - Vision Board Workshop

Design your Dream Life - Vision Board Workshop

13.01.24 - 13.01.24
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Body, Mind & Soul

£20 per person

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When it comes to designing our dream future, there are a few aspects to be considered...

Firstly, amongst the chaos, how often do we actually create space to think about what we genuinely want for ourselves?

And then when we do, are they our own desires, or someone else's?

Vision boards help you to gain clarity on what you truly want from life

I will teach you to connect back in with your core values, an overview behind manifestation and how our early life experiences may have impacted us now (positively and negatively).

  • Experience a short meditation to clear and open the mind
  • Identify your big dreams and goals, your values and how this aligns with your identity and purpose.
  • Create your unique vision board from scratch.

The Workshop will be a hybrid of meditation, fun and networking helping you to connect back in with who you truly are, your centre of creativity, and visualise your dream life.

Includes all materials required to create  your unique vision board from scratch.

Please feel free to bring along your laptop if you would prefer to create it online or own magazines/ pictures to use in your vision board.

This is for you if you say yes to one or more of the following:

  • you are ready to explore what you want from life
  • you feel stuck and uninspired
  • you have a vision, but you want to have a daily reminder of your dreams and goals
  • you want to manifest your vision or dream life quicker
  • you would like to passionately connect with your goals and dreams
  • you would like to connect with your sacral chakra and instil some creativity into your energy

Are you ready to create the life that lights you up?

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