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FORMAT21: Open Call FORMAT21: Open Call
Visual Arts

FORMAT21: Open Call

Visual Arts

The FORMAT21 Open Call received over 800 submissions from 66 countries and a small selection of the 50 selected projects will be shown at Déda. Exploring the many manifestations of the festival theme 'Control', the work of LeiLei, Anouchka Renaud-Eck, Tami Aftab, Juan Orrantia and Heather Agyepong look at the struggle for control in the personal and political spheres.

Very contemporary ideas of self-control as expressed through health and well-being are explored in Tami Aftab’s visualisation her father’s illness, hydrocephalus, in The Dog’s in the Car; Lei Lei’s A Moment questions the hierarchy of the process of image production and ways of looking; Anouchka Renaud-Eck highlights the control exerted through traditional Indian marriages in Ardhanarishvara; Juan Orrantia’s Like Stains of Red Dirt uses vibrant colour to suggest the historical and political undercurrents of living in South African and Heather Agyepong focuses on the work of Aida Overton Walker, the celebrated African American vaudeville performer who challenged the rigid and problematic narratives of black performers in Wish You Were Here.

Our visual art exhibitions are free to view, however if you would like to make a donation to support us in these unprecedented times we would be very grateful. Déda is a registered charity (no. 1053633), enriching people’s lives with dance and the arts. Click here to donate and help us reach more people.
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FORMAT is a truly ambitious and huge enterprise, an intelligently and coherently curated festival.

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