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Undercurrents Undercurrents


09.03.24 - 09.03.24
£12.50 (£10.50 Pension Credit)
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Thrive Dance brings you Undercurrents, a triple bill of their contemporary dance pieces Half Sewn, It Sort of Just Happens One Day… and Unfurled. The show explores socially relevant themes around womanhood, home and the environment in an intimate and personal way. Thrive Dance creates immersive and unusual environments for you to explore; engaging all your senses.

The choreographies are bold and sensual with impressive lifting, interaction, and flow between the dancers as well as quiet moments of intricacy and delicateness; combined with distinctive original soundscapes they bring you a truly memorable experience.

This performance takes place over three different spaces throughout the building.

Half Sewn

Half Sewn, a choreographic installation, takes you on the intimate journey of four women. The work viscerally engages all the senses as it confronts the patriarchal expectation of females to embody strength, sensuality and softness all at once. It weaves together an exploration of female rituals and imagery of the fates in mythology who spin, measure and cut the threads of life controlling past, present and future.

While the dancers and audience ride the ebb and flow of the sound of water being poured, their journey builds a transition from past to present and into a future where all participants are brought together to support the sowing of something new; to lay stepping stones that guide us to a different, more inclusive and equal future.

It Just Sort of Happens One Day…

It just sort of happens one day... is a contemporary dance solo exploring how we create a sense of home for ourselves. It confronts our perception of what home is and questions whether home is in the physical environment around us, in the items we can carry with us or if it’s found within our own bodies. The solo piece depicts settling and uprooting and settling again, just to be uprooted once again. It is a work of subtle nuance where the performer invites you into different chapters of her personal life; taking you on a journey through various times and places as she is displaced from her habitual surroundings and seeks to create her own version of what ‘home’ is.


Unfurled explores the environment on both global and intimate scales. It confronts the current climate crisis, taking a hopeful, community-based approach to finding a solution. It also explores the environment within our own bodies by looking at our cellular and structural relationship to nature.

As part of the audience you will be invited to sit with your feet in soil as you watch the dancers move through it. The soil gets shoved around again and again creating an ever-changing landscape the dancers travel through, depicting the destruction of the Earth while also highlighting its power for regrowth.

The piece is informed by the study of plant bioacoustics (the way in which plants send electrical signals through their roots). The performance is slightly eerie, yet also transmits a sense of peace and quiet when imagining that nature will reestablish control over the Earth.

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