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Déda is a creative centre for Dance, Contemporary Circus and Outdoor performance – connecting locally, nationally and internationally.

We believe that the arts enhance people’s lives and that Déda has a responsibility to reach as wide an audience as possible through presenting, producing and creating excellent work. We as an organisation are constantly striving to improve and adapt in order that we continue to be a leader within the dance and wider arts sectors.

Mission: To deliver an exceptional programme of Dance, Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Performance to as wide an audience as possible and to be recognised for outstanding contributions in the fields of Dance Development and Learning.

Philosophy: Déda personifies the philosophy ‘Where Education Meets the Profession’, giving students and artists an environment in which professional and academic practices are explored and interact.

Ambition: Over the next four years, we aim to solidify our place as the leading centre for Dance, Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Performance, hugely active in our base in the Midlands and with an international reach.

Vision: To enrich people’s lives through dance and the arts.

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Déda enriches people's lives through dance and the arts.

Déda is a registered charity (no.1053633). We work with Derby schools and community groups to improve education, health and wellbeing and social issues with some of the hardest to reach groups in the city.

We are fast becoming a leader in our field, bringing a high-quality arts experience to more people, and putting Derby on the map as the go-to place for Dance, Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Performance.

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Déda in Education

We work with children and young people in and out of the school setting using dance and the arts to engage and inspire.

Déda in Education
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Déda in the Community

Déda works across Derby using dance and the arts to break down barriers, improve social cohesion and enrich peoples’ lives.

Déda in the Community
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