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Over the last fourteen weeks, we've shared the experiences and reflections of our team whilst they have been on furlough. We look back on some of the lessons learned and feelings shared:

Becky, Sewing at Home for Frontline Workers

'I came across a group called Bags2Queens NHS on Facebook who are a local group of volunteers that have come together virtually through Facebook to help local frontline NHS workers. The group has 684 members and are all working together to make drawstring washbags (so staff can place uniforms straight in the wash), headbands, mask extenders and scrub hats.'

Issy, A Day in the Life

'I do think the dance and arts community online have gone above and beyond when it comes to keeping each other motivated to learn, move, create, and discuss. Myself and fellow Déda freelancing artist, Joanna Walker, have been truly hooked on what we have coined #SocialDis-Dancing. We’ve been learning choreography together via Zoom, Whatsapp and Instagram, making videos of us dancing separately and merging them together and generally making the most of dance and our friendship during this time.'

Clare, Adapting to Homeschooling

'As a family we have been watching Race Across the World and have been inspired to travel in our imaginations across the world once a week in theme nights based on countries we would like to go to. So far we have been to Italy, Australia, the Caribbean, India, Thailand and Morocco and enjoyed food, facts and films from them.'

Rachel, Life in Lockdown

'Throughout lockdown I have baked a different type of bread each week. It’s something I used to do all the time before I had children and I have really enjoyed rediscovering it. We have been eating together every evening and I have been cooking most of our meals from scratch. It’s been great to have the time to find new recipes and eat together as a family every day.'

Grace, Volunteering in the Community

'My experience of the lockdown period has taught me the importance of reaching out to friends and family. While we’re at home in our bubbles it’s easy to forget other people might not be as fine as they seem but even a text or call can really help.'

Jess, Pressing Pause

'I remind myself that it is a treat that we’re able to spend this time together and I hope it will become a treasured memory for us all, I know it will for me.'

Rachel, Your situation is unique to you and “you’re doing amazing, sweetie!”

'It’s important to remember that everyone’s situation is unique to them and that self-care and caring for others is paramount, now more than ever. It’s easy to see someone’s post about learning Japanese in a week and ask yourself what you’ve accomplished in the same time. That person will have individual commitments and a situation that may be very different to yours – so focus on your own personal achievements during what is a challenging time for us all, because in the words of Kris Jenner, “you’re doing amazing, sweetie!”'

Katy, Surviving

'Being apart of the events industry is a giant family within itself. There are thousands of people in my ‘live industry’ boat, a boat that is currently sitting in the water with not much direction. So I give all my hope that we can all experience the pre-show nerves, the first rig check, the first lamp to focus, the first shout onto deck of ‘BAR 23 COMING IN’, the rush of adrenaline that goes through your body when you hear the orchestra begin their first note of the performance and we all feel like home again.'

Alice, “I am sure we can overcome this global challenge”

'With everyone’s effort, I am able to meet with my friends and dine out together. I am very thankful for the current situation and truly appreciate the co-operation and mutual support of Hong Kongers. Hopefully other places in the world could also find their way to control the circumstances. With the collective efforts of all mankind, I am sure we can overcome this global challenge.'

Charlie, Keep Dancing!

'Although we were unable to remain in the studios for the end of term, my BA (Hons) Dance degree at déda continued in the best way possible: lectures were delivered every morning from Monday to Friday on zoom, which I really enjoyed taking part in before the summer break. Other than dancing I have tried to take up baking, drawing and just teaching myself some general knowledge. I’m enjoying the extra time to learn new things and will carry this on through the rest of summer!'

Lisa, My Realisation

'I have realised that although I do like my own company, I don’t like it day in, day out with no other alternative. I miss my friends both work and other, I miss having a laugh with a real person not a computer screen with someone’s face on it, that’s not real. Real is being able to hug a friend when you see them, to ask for a hug when you need one, to have a proper chat and put the world to rights while doing your work at your desk in an office full of people.'

Catherine, Lockdown Fun

'It has been nearly five months, and I have enjoyed lots about the stay at home life, and I am so thankful for the furlough scheme. But, doesn't it just make you realise, how important freedom to work and express yourself is. This experience has made me, and I am sure lots of people, realise what's important, assessing ambitions and motivations, making me realise at least how lucky I am. I can't wait to get stuck in to the next normal.'

Izzy, A Message of Kindness

'A kind act keeps sadness away.'

Lydia, Things I learned while life stood still

'This has reinforced for me that creativity and arts are such an essential and important part of our communities and for us as human beings to make sense of the world and connect with one another, and has reignited a passion within me to continue working, in whatever ways I can, towards making sure that everybody has access to the arts.'


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