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Alex’s Arts Journey

Last month we caught with up Alex in the CUBE Café. We talked about how her experiences with the All Dance project, Our Vision Our Future and Déda opened up opportunities in the arts in the lead up to her performance of Are you living in a box? by Feel Alive Drama Group on Monday 17 February.

How long have you been interested in the arts?

Since All Dance, which was at Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield; my old school actually, which Danni [All Dance tutor and project coordinator] also went to!

Have did you get involved with All Dance?

I got involved through Our Vision, Our Future (I was on the committee at that point). I initially started with the Brookfield Community School group. I took a break for a little while and then joined Danni’s Long Eaton group, which was a bit easier for me to get to.

Had you danced before All Dance?

A bit of modern jive, but other than that no. All Dance involved a lot of improvisation, which was hard at times, but I got over it. Danni is a wonderful teacher and helped a lot.

How did you find the final performance of All Dance at Déda?

I had performed at school and in a drama group. When Danni said our final performance was at Déda I was like ‘Yeah!’ because I knew I could get onto the stage as it is flat, and I struggle with steps. There was no fear, it was cool.

What skills and experiences do you feel you gained in All Dance and Déda?

I gained confidence through dancing with All Dance. Performing with the drama group also gave me a boost.

Did you have any favourite moments with All Dance?

I loved going every Thursday, seeing Danni and all the bits she asked me to do with All Dance.

Can you tell me about your voluntary role with Déda?

I have been volunteering in the theatre with the Front of House team. My favourite bit is sitting in the theatre, it’s a lovely little theatre! I work on different dance shows and exhibition launches.

What type of performances do you like to see?

Well I’m going to Priscilla Queen of the Desert in Nottingham tonight!

What plans do you have for the future?

At the moment I’m committed to my role as treasurer with Our Vision Our Future.

Alex will be performing at Are you living in a box? by Feel Alive Drama Group on Monday 17 February at Polish Club 18 Kedleston Rd, Darley Abbey, Derby DE22 1GU. Booking information available here.

Find out more about All Dance in this video below:


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