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If you participate in a class that is more of a hobby or a ‘Brucey bonus’ to your day to day life you might not feel affected by the cancellation of classes, workshops and projects at the minute. However, if this is something that keeps you well physically, mentally, emotionally and gives you the social interaction that we all need, you might feel yourself becoming affected. So what can you do keep well digitally?

Here are a few of my ideas to keep dancing when classes are not in their usual environment!

Keep following classes online via websites and social media, keep checking in to see if they produce a digital resource for you to use or advertise for any live streamed sessions that might benefit you. By checking in you will also be kept in the know of what the next steps are and when classes will recommence.

Use YouTube to find classes or exercises that might benefit or interest you. If you attend a class for medical reasons (be that physical or mental health related) find out what the exercises are called and see if you can find versions of these on YouTube. At Déda we run PSI sessions alongside the Derby Move More team. If you search PSI on YouTube, a range of tutorial exercises will appear so you can follow these and keep building strength to keep your body mobile.

Use Facebook and other social media to continue talking and socialising with people you go to classes with. You could create a Facebook group with those in your class so you can continue to feel part of a supported community during isolated times. You can also set each other tasks, encourage each other to move and share resources.

Enjoy watching: Sky Arts is great for watching Matthew Bourne and other staged works, but we are also seeing a lot more access to the arts during the crisis including BBC Arts Culture in Quarantine programme. Museums and galleries hold free virtual tours, artists are sharing more of their work online, poets are responding with lyrics on twitter and more and more dance companies are sharing phrases, tasks and footage of their works online. Look and see dance in a different way than your usual once a week dance class.

I hope you find this helpful and can keep moving in whatever capacity possible!

Happy dancing and stay safe!

Peace out for now,
Issy X


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