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Send a Christmas Card with a difference this year!

Whether its from your family, your mates or your work team, we hope our personlised card will give your loved ones and colleagues a laugh!

Many people are choosing to donate to charity and/or send digital Christmas cards to reduce their carbon footprint.

Donations for using this card support our #GivetheGiftofDance campaign, which helps children and young people in Derby and Derbyshire access the arts.

Follow our easy instructions to personalise your card in minutes!

Edit online with*

1. Donate to #GivetheGiftofDance here:

2. Visit

3. Click "upload"

4. Choose an image and resize/rotate to fit

5. When you are happy with the image, click 'next'

6. You will then be able to repeat the process on the next face. Repeat this process on all 4 faces.

7. When you are finished uploading the photos, click 'Finish'

8. If you would like to, you can add a message at the top and the bottom of the card.

9. When you are happy with the message, click 'Download'. You can return and edit the messages afterward if you would like to send to different people.

10. You will then be able to share your card on socal media, embed in an email or send as an attachment.

*Déda is not responsible for images uploaded to If you would prefer to edit images onto the card yourself, please fillow the following instructions.

1. Donate here:

2. Right click on the blank Christmas card below and click 'save as' to save the file.

3. Open a chosen picture in preview

4. Go to markup toolbar (picture of a pen within the circle)

5. Click on dotted box in the corner and select Elliptical Selection (this will create a circle, resize to fit your face)

6. Press copy

7. Paste onto E-card, move into place

8. Save file

Thank you for supporting #GivetheGiftofDance!

£5 can give a child their first experience of dance

£10 can help provide materials and equipment for covid safe dance workshops in schools

£20 can help us bring free, accessible online performances to families in the safety of their homes

£100 can support a young person to follow their dance dream with a bursary.

matter how big or small your donation, every penny helps us to make a difference to people’s lives through dance and the arts.

Thank you.

Photo credits: JodiJacobson, FatCamera and Solstock all from Getty Images Signature via Canva.

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