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Déda has successfully applied to Arts Council England’s National Lottery Fund to deliver: Altered Streets - An Urban Transformation

Altered Streets is a project that will repurpose the urban zone around Déda, launching this Derby Festé. Including level 9 of the car park opposite our building and part of Chapel Street, to provide a COVID-safe space for music, food and cultural events in partnership with other cultural organisations and nearby venues and businesses. This will encourage people to safely return to the city, support artists back into work and enable us to engage existing and new audiences. It will provide arts and culture experiences for the people of Derby and will in the process, re-energise Derby.

Altered Streets will transform Chapel Street from a hum-drum commuter thoroughfare to a vibrant, creative space adorned with lights and projections, buzzing with life and activity, song, dance, and entertainment. We hope to draw people to it while remaining a safe space – well ventilated with room to socially distance. Chapel Street will become a gathering space for people to take part in artistic work and a gateway into the city’s Cathedral Quarter and the city centre. We will create links between the car park and Déda’s building, across Chapel Street, using lighting, festoons, artwork, projection, and signage to make the two event spaces and the area in between feel like one holistic space.

Chapel Street, in between Déda and the car park, will be turned into an outdoor event space. To facilitate this, we will use a road closure and/or one-way system enabling the Déda café, and nearby public houses to spill out onto the street to offer outdoor café space for street-wide engagement. This will include live music and food events, community dance activities linked to the gym, dance classes, workshops and performance events hosted by Déda and our other cultural partners. We will install street furniture, lighting, audio, and decoration to create this space.

Come and enjoy Altered Streets today!


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