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Déda is commissioning an artist to create two high quality murals
at their building on Chapel Street, as part of the Altered Streets project.


Déda has identified two sites for a new public artwork as part of Altered Streets –
An Urban Transformation and Street Art project. The Altered Streets project will
repurpose the zone around Déda and re-energise this area of Derby.

The murals will be the first step in the creative transformation of Chapel Street and Déda, making a bright and bold statement about its new direction.

This project is funded by the Cultural Recovery Fund. The Culture Recovery Fund is a grants programme issued by the UK Government as a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The fund aims to financially support cultural organisations in England which had become financially unviable as a result of national and local restrictions. It is administered by Arts Council England.


Based on the theme of ‘transformation’, the two murals will act as a vibrant and creative welcome, both into Chapel Street, Derby from Kings Street, and into Déda’s building. Possible responses to the theme could be transformation of the area over time, transformation relating to dance, contemporary circus and the arts or a transformative re-emergence following Covid 19 and the impact of the pandemic.

Déda wants to engage with members of the public in the selection and creative process of the artworks. A steering group made up from members of the community will be involved in the selection of the artist. The artist should include public engagement as part of the artistic process, either through practical workshops, classes or packs for people to have a go themselves; involving communities in the production of the designs; or through artist talks and exhibitions. We encourage applications from all backgrounds and communities and are looking for artists with a wide range of skills, experiences and abilities. The murals should last 2-3 years.


Artist responses will be shortlisted by a rolling steering group, who will input into the
project to ensure public engagement and input from the Derby community.


Mural 1 will be located outside on the side of the Déda’s building next to the CUBE café | bar. Considerations for this location include:

- the limited vantage points for viewing, as the wall is located to the side of Déda’s building.
- creating a design that may be less susceptible to vandalism i.e. perhaps located above head height


Mural 2 will be located inside on a wall in Déda’s
reception area, opposite the Box Office Desk, running up to the stairwell and then two more walls that are adjoined, running from the side of the stairwell up to the entrance to Hubbub Theatre Company offices (next to the lift entrance).

Considerations for this location include:
- Déda wants the mural to create a welcome to all who use the building including class and CUBE café | bar customers, students, artists, the public and members of the community.

- The area is a central location for Déda, a gateway to the CUBE café | bar, dance studios, the theatre, gallery spaces and Hubbub Theatre Company.

- The design must be suitable for the diverse needs of the people who use the building including people with Learning Disabilities and people living with Dementia.


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