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GCSE Dance Taster Event with James Cousins’ Company in July

At Déda we are responding to the cuts made to the arts in mainstream education by applying to become an approved centre with AQA. This means that sometime soon, you could study GCSE Dance at Déda!*

We believe that the arts are an integral part to a holistic education enabling critical, diverse and expansive thinking, empathy, expression and creativity. This is why we think it’s important to work towards offering GCSE Dance as an extra curricular qualification.* We hope this process will be finalised soon, and we will let you know as soon as we can when to expect its launch!

In the meantime, we invite those interested in pursuing GCSE Dance as an extra curricular qualification at Déda, to attend the taster workshop on 2nd July from 2pm - 6pm. The workshop will include an opportunity to meet the Déda Dance Development and Learning team and explore the centre. Participate in a dance workshop and theory class delivered by James Cousins’ Company, whose dance film Within Her Eyes is part of the current GCSE Dance Anthology. Find out about the curriculum, how it will be delivered and assessed, and the fee structures available.

* Subject to AQA approval

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