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Blog post by Déda's Head of Dance Development and Learning, Clare Limb

I know that my mood is much better after a movement class. It's as simple as that. However, I can sometimes hold back on attending classes as I get locked into my own negative self-talk linked to said low mood.

The Pandemic really exacerbated my Perimenopausal symptoms as I spent so much less time looking after myself than I had previously. To counteract this, I took an online Ballet class with Déda every Monday morning, which really helped.

Being Perimenopausal during the Pandemic was difficult as I was cut off from seeing friends who were going through the same experience who normally I would be able to talk to about it over a cuppa.

Since we have come out of all those lockdowns, I have tried harder to get to classes and know that Déda has a great offer for me and women like me to stay active and ‘Beat the Blues’.

In recognition of World Menopause Day, we are offering free class tickets to all those who identify as women until the end of October 2022, thanks to funds from Sport England through the This Girl Can Campaign.

All you need to quote is GOGIRLS either when booking online, in person or by telephone.

My favourite class is Ballet with Ana on Wednesday mornings, we’d love to hear yours #GoGirls #Happyworldmenopauseday

*This blog has been inspired by Deborah Garlick, CEO of Henpicked, whose talk at the recent Marketing Derby Bondholder Spotlight Event really gave me the confidence to tell my Menopause story.


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