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Meet Kink and Queens, a dynamic burlesque troupe born out of passion and flair, proudly representing Deda with several members enrolled in the organisations Ambassadors scheme. Our journey began with a simple request to Deda for burlesque classes, a seed that has now blossomed into a vibrant troupe of ten, each an epitome of confidence and charisma.

Our debut on the grand stage was marked by an electrifying performance on September 30, 2023 at Celebrate Burlesque in Mansfield. The exhilaration of lights, music, and a sold-out audience created a canvas where we painted our artistry, shaking our bums and owning every moment with grace and audacity.

While we unfortunately didn’t clinch an award, the experience injected us with an unmatched enthusiasm . It wasn’t a setback but a propellant, leaving us more driven than ever!

The entire evening was nothing short of magical. Not only did we own the stage, but we also had the privilege of sharing space with amazingly talented performers. Every element, from the sumptuous buffet to the photogenic wall, was curated to perfection. The autonomy we enjoyed – to control our performances, even down to the lighting – empowered us and made the night an unforgettable experience.

Every twirl, every move was a testament to our evolution - from the initiators of a request to Deda to the dazzling performers of the Kink and Queens. The experience was not just a dance but an empowering journey of transformation, made possible by the unwavering support of Deda.

Here’s to many more performances, where gender neutrality, body encouragement, and the celebration of all shapes and sizes reign supreme. We are not just a troupe; we are a movement towards a world that embraces diversity, where every sway and step we take on stage is a dance towards making our planet a lot more exciting and inclusive.

Instagram: @kink_and_queensxx


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