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Invitational Workshop runs for 90mins from Friday 17 March @ 2pm and 4pm.

Grace and Jane, Same Room Same Time

This workshop is perfect for theatre and dance students and for people interested in how performance is made and what it means to collaborate and work together from a place difference.

You will meet Jane Mason and Grace Surman, both creator and performers for Same Room Same Time, the fantastic new show coming to Déda which explore friendship and art and fighting for what you believe in.

In this workshop you will find out about their work ahead of their duet which runs on Saturday 18 March. Jane and Grace will explore their approach to making through a live rehearsal with some participation for students.

Jane and Grace are performance makers with 25 years of experience. Grace is a live artist; she's interested in concepts, in writing and in the interplay between performance and materials, and she is funny. Jane is a choreographic artist; she is interested in what the body can do, how people move and what they express with their bodies, and how we reveal who we are through movement. She is funny too.

Together they're a kind of absurdist double act.

To reserve your free place on one of these workshops please contact our Creative Producer Manya Benenson.

Same Room Same Time is a new collaboration between Jane Mason and Grace Surman who have made work for 25 years in contemporary performance but have only just met. They will be in the same room at the same time, unravelling the complexities of negotiating the other, and what we choose to reveal of ourselves. Find out more about Jane and Grace's new show, Same Room Same Time.


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