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Mom-and-Baby Duo's Unforgettable Journey to Rapunzel's Stage

Libby Kenyon and Darla Bloom, her six-month-old daughter

In the heart of Derby, a delightful mother-and-daughter duo, Libby Kenyon and six-month-old Darla Bloom, embarked on an unsuspecting adventure that would lead them to the magical world of balletLorent's Rapunzel at Derby Theatre.

Libby and Darla arrived at Déda Derby, thinking they were attending a regular dance class. Little did they know, they stumbled upon an audition for a professional role in Rapunzel. BalletLorent, seeking a charming mom-and-baby pair, unknowingly found their perfect performers.

“I can't believe it,” exclaimed Libby Kenyon, a beauty and massage therapist from Mackworth. Having not pursued performance since her GCSEs in dance and drama over 15 years ago, Libby's free-spirited energy, expressed alongside baby Darla, secured them both roles in Rapunzel.

Rehearsal director Debbi Purtill, along with lead dancer and creative partner Gavin Coward, conducted the audition at Déda Derby. Libby's untrained but captivating dance moves, coupled with her seamless interaction with other dancers, left everyone amazed.

Selected for her vibrant energy and natural movements, Libby couldn't believe she had secured a role without formal dance training. The unexpected joy of being chosen added a layer of magic to their journey.

The enchanting tale of Rapunzel, presented by balletLorent, awaits at Derby Theatre on February 9 and 10. Libby and Darla's journey from a simple dance class to the stage exemplifies the magic of unexpected surprises and the joy that comes with them.


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