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Steve Slater - Artistic Director and CEO

In the United States, “Autumn” is more commonly known as “The Fall” – and “falling” can become a turning point, a moment of change, a shift of perspective, of direction, a tumbling of leaves and colour, a descent….

And with decent, inevitably, comes acceleration – Things speeding up as they fall away from the slow slumber of summer – like curtains swept aside to reveal a stage.

And so it is for Déda, with our Autumn programme stretching out before us, picking up speed, heralded by the mighty Festé programme that invites and embraces the city to celebrate and gather at the end of September with a host of amazing performances, workshops, events and entertainment for all the family. Festé makes Derby’s streets come alive, filling the spaces between buildings and squares with music, light, dance, and amazing acrobatics. So, join us for this annual celebration of Community, Arts and Culture that will kick off an amazing season of work at Déda itself over the coming months….

Déda’s programme is packed with uplifting Classes, Dance Performances, Music, Creativity and Visual Arts that will keep you entertained and engaged as the nights draw in. Meet with your friends for food and drink in our wonderful café and maybe discover something new during your stay.

We are spinning, twirling, and falling into the Autumn Season, kicking our feet through ideas and experiences as varied and brightly coloured as the leaves. Join in, step out and take part – be part of the exhilarating roll-a-coaster ride that creativity offers to everyone.

Fall and we’ll catch you….

Steve Slater

Déda Artistic Director & CEO


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