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Déda works in a range of formal and informal education settings to impact on educational attainment, develop essential life skills and increase life chances for children and young people through dance and the arts. Our work takes place in a variety of community and education settings throughout Derby, Derbyshire and the East Midlands. We work collaboratively with other partners in the region to deliver a range of projects for people of all stages of life.

Déda can work with school teachers and staff to develop teaching, learning and creative facilitation skills. Working with our professional artists, schools will develop teacher knowledge, skills and understanding of high-quality arts and culture delivery and the benefits of this. Through this process we will work with staff to create teaching resources. This engagement develops young people’s understanding of the creative and cultural industries, highlights creative careers and develops aspiration and ambition. We work to equip school communities with an understanding of the value of cultural education and the outcomes that engaging with culture can provide, such as increased confidence, self-esteem and academic attainment, which in turn leads to increased social mobility and employment potential.

Déda can work with schools to develop their arts programme, to embed the arts in their forward planning and support them to apply for Artsmark accreditation. Enabling and encouraging access to the arts for children and young people is a great way for them to learn about different topics, and there is much evidence so indicate that the arts has a really positive impact on children’s academic performance levels. Higher academic achievement in schools will open the door for young people to progress through to college, apprenticeships or degree level, thereby encouraging social mobility for young people.

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Projects and Participation

Déda brings dance and the arts to schools and youth groups across Derby to support educational attainment and essential life skills.

Projects and Participation
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Education Support

Déda supports dance and arts in schools. We can help support your school Artsmark journey or deliver after school club provision.

Education Support
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Déda Academy

Children’s classes at Déda. We have a range of dance and aerial classes for ages 18 months plus, both drop in and pay termly.

Déda Academy
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Derby Cultural Education Partnership

Déda is a key part of the Cultural Campus in Derby working hard to provide every child and young person with opportunities to thrive.

Derby Cultural Education Partnership
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