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Take a class from the comfort of your living room.

Each class costs £6 which includes up to five views over a month.

Choose from:

  • Bhangra and Gidha by Anisha Johal with music by Arwin Johal
  • Yoga and Contemporary Dance (Flowga) by Matilda Rowland.
  • Hula Hoop by Rochene Johnstone.
  • Dance and Movement Improvisation by Claire Pring.
  • Physical Theatre and Clowning by Lauren Nicole Whitter.
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"The way the movements are explained and shown are really inclusive as they are shown step-by-step and in a slow manner. Overall, fantastically shown and set out."

Déda on Demand User

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Bhangra and Gidha by Anisha Johal with music by Arwin Johal

Bhangra and Gidha is a form of Panjabi cultural dance originating from the Panjab region of India. It’s a very colourful, vibrant and energetic dance form that is deeply rooted in culture as each move has a meaning and significance. The main musical instrument that Bhangra and Gidha is danced to is the Dhol drum, which in this class is played by Arvin Johal. Participating in this workshop will give you a taste of the Panjabi culture through the music, moves and outfits. This workshop is also a great way of exercising and burning off some calories as you’ll be sure to get a sweat on. This workshop is broken down into equal segments of Bhangra and Gidha dance, enabling you to learn and immerse yourself in both dance forms. Bhangra is more fast paced and involves whole body movement, whereas Gidha is much gentler and is mainly focused on different type of claps (‘Gidha’ translated into English is ‘clap’). This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities.  

Meet Anisha Johal

Dance and Movement Improvisation by Claire Pring

This class encourages participants to use their environment as a stimulus for ideas. Simple tasks are set where the responses will vary according to the location, shapes and materials of the objects surrounding them. Successive tasks are added like layers, which give the participant a greater variety of possible responses so the class can be repeated many times to experience something unique each time. The work can be done alone or with others; it can be halted at any point (please ensure you take time to cool down); the order can be rearranged, and you can select your own music to suit your mood.

Improvisation is a great starting point for self-expression and choreography. It allows people of differing levels of experience to dance together. The highly personal nature of this dance style allows the participant to explore and develop their individual movement style.

Meet Claire Pring

Hula Hoop by Rochene Johnstone

In this workshop you will learn hula hoop tricks, with a hoop, dance and movement. You will access three different levels of a flow routine: a beginner level, a low-level intermediate, and a high-level intermediate. You can choose which one you want to try and if you master the beginner level one you can always buy the workshop again to try the next two levels!

Hula hooping not only looks impressive, but it is a fantastic way to train your body and your brain, all whilst learning something spectacular. All you need is a hoop, some space, and a little determination.

You can work your way up the levels. Speed sequences up, slow them down, or add more according to your level, personality, or performance piece.

Please note – you will need a hula hoop!

Meet Rochene Johnstone

Yoga and Contemporary Dance (Flowga) by Matilda Rowland

The class combines typical contemporary dance technique phrases, with typical yin yoga poses, to create a well-rounded, exercise session for all levels and abilities. By taking part in this fusion of styles, it will improve your physical and mental wellbeing. It focuses particularly on strengthening and lengthening the hips, legs and arms to feel stronger and more flexible after the session is complete. Some have described the session as a fast vinyasa class to give you an even deeper understanding of what you will be partaking in.

Meet Matilda Rowland

Physical Theatre and Clowning by Lauren Nicole Whitter

In this class, Lauren looks at the idea of gesture in the body and how we can free the body by using gesture, mime and clowning. We will be looking at gesture in relation to how Anne Bogart, director and user of viewpoints uses it. We will also take techniques from mime and clown artists such as Marcel Marceau who are also an inspiration for Lauren’s physical work.  

The class starts off with focusing on the breath and centring the body. We then perform a warm up, which leads into the main section of the session. We show our body off to the space, look at the lines and shapes we can make and then look at gestures.

The class is really fun and expressive. The aim of the class is to explore all the different movements within the body - how we can use our body to tell stories, express ourselves and really use the body as an instrument of physical expression. Lots of music is used. Some of the work might seem very abstract as there will be a merging of naturalistic type movement at some points or a dip in and out of the two. This will give the mover or participant a great range of movement skills and techniques to draw upon. 

Meet Lauren Nicole Whitter


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Déda is a Creative Centre for Dance, Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Performance based in Derby city’s cathedral quarter.

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