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Déda as a charity is committed to the promotion of movement through dance and creative activities for the benefit of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Dance is a great way to keep fit and lift the spirits. Many scientists confirm that dancing releases endorphins and often prompts an emotional release so it’s great for letting go of pent-up emotions and improving your mood. 

As well as benefits to health through physical exercise, dance positively impacts mental wellbeing, confidence and social interaction. We take dance and movement out into the community of Derby to enrich people’s lives, find out about our projects here.

The health and wellbeing of our staff is an important factor in contributing to the success of Déda. The aims of our Wellness at work Policy, and any initiatives and programmes that emerge are to enable everyone to thrive, promote good mental, physical and emotional health and engagement in our working culture. We want our employees to have access to wellness resources and to take part in wellness activities. 

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We offer over 50 classes each week suitable for all ages and abilities. See our Classes page for more information.

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Why Support Déda

Déda is a registered charity, our mission is to enrich people’s lives with dance and the arts. Find out more.

Why Support Déda
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Wondering which class is right for you? Our handy class finder can help. Simply click on either the ‘Adult’ or ‘Children’ button below to see what classes we have to offer.

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Is there a particular day of the week which is more suitable for you? Click on the days listed below to view our current timetable.

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