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Study amongst a community of learners and practitioners, from Post-graduate Dance and Choreography students and FE Performing Arts students to Hubbub Theatre Company; and students accessing our open classes.

Why study at Déda?

We are a purpose-built and professionally operating dance house! 

All our studios have sprung floors, mirrors and suitable ventilation and heating. We have fully equipped studios and team of qualified and experienced dance artists and teachers who will bring a rich knowledge base to the experience of teaching and learning. Students will have access to:

  • Additional technique classes as part of the Déda Academy
  • Workshops led by professional touring dancers and choreographers
  • Careers advice from industry professionals

Students will study Performance, Choreography and Dance Appreciation. They will develop knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and critical appreciation of their own and professional works. They will have opportunities to perform solo and group choreographies and study up close a range of choreographers and their significant works. Students will develop vocabulary to discuss art works and practices. They will develop critical skills to identify, analyse and utilise choreographic structure, choreographic devices and choreographic themes. Alongside this, they will develop their own artistry and physical practice.

A Level Dance

Firstly, we hope to establish and deliver a full cycle of GCSE Dance, however we have ambitions to further extend our formal qualification progression route by introducing A Level Dance, too. Watch this space!

Your GCSE Dance Teacher

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The Déda doors are open to all. Inside you find dance, movement, creativity and friendly faces. A place to nurture creative minds and bodies, celebrate the arts, learn and be inspired.

Isobel Davis DDL Coordinator and GCSE Teacher
  • 1. Who is this qualification for?

    The GCSE Dance offered at Déda is for people aged 14+ who are passionate about Dance and who want to undertake a formal qualification in it.

  • 2. GCSE Dance: I’m already doing GCSEs at school. Can I do this course, too?

    Yes! If your school doesn’t offer GCSE Dance, or you have already selected your options, then you could sign up to study GCSE Dance at Déda.

  • 3. Can I register for this qualification through my school?

    No. Déda is delivering GCSE Dance independently and so you must sign up and register through us.

  • 4. I don’t go to school but arrange my education independently, can I sign up?

    Yes! This course is for all people who are passionate about Dance.

  • 5. Do I need to be a brilliant dancer?

    No! Dance experience is a benefit, but enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to work are also valuable attributes to bring to your studies.

  • 6. Do I need to audition?

    There will be taster workshops for prospective students to attend throughout the year, and especially towards the end of the summer term when we’ll be recruiting for the next cohort. Attendance assists you and the teaching team to get a feel for the upcoming cohort, their level of experience and any additional needs that require attention.

  • 7. What does the curriculum include?

    The curriculum is delivered over two years and is based around three areas of knowledge, understanding and skill. These are: dance performance, choreography, and dance appreciation. What this means is that you will learn about the body, nutrition, and safe dance practice. You will also study dance technique and choreography so that you can perform set works and choreograph your own. Dance appreciation enables you to comment on professional dance works as well as your own, by developing skills of analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.

  • 8. How will I be taught?

    You will be taught during term time, outside of school hours for two hours per week. Sessions will include practical and theoretical work, delivered in complimentary ways to ensure that the curriculum is taught in a focused and timely way.

    You may also attend other youth dance classes at Déda to complement your training.

  • 9. What should I wear?

    There is no uniform requirements. Clothes that are loose enough to move in and tight enough for the body’s alignment to be seen are ideal. Leggings and a t-shirt/vest -top, or close-fitting tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt would work well. Bare feet or non-slip socks are ideal for the practical elements.

  • 10. Where will I be taught?

    Your classes will take place at Déda in one of our purpose-built and accessible studios. All our studios have sprung floors, mirrors and suitable ventilation and heating.

  • 11. How will I be assessed?

    You will perform in one solo work that the awarding body sets and a group choreography that your teacher creates. You will also choreograph your own group piece on your peers. You will analyse six professional dance works and you will answer extended questions about them in a written exam. In this written assessment component, you will also answer questions about safe dance practice, the body and nutrition.

  • 12. What if I have additional needs?

    If you have a learning plan in place from your school, then it would be useful to meet with the Dance Development and Learning Team to go through this with them. It’s important that Déda can determine if they can support you sufficiently and fairly throughout the course of study towards successful completion. Lots of needs can be taken care of, just like in school – extra time and short breaks etc are all possible to put in place for exams.

  • 13. How much does it cost?

    We are offering the course on a sliding scale, between £1500 and £1800 to be paid over the two years of study, plus deposit.

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