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GCSE Dance*

Déda is currently going through the process of becoming an approved centre by the JCQ/AQA to deliver GCSE Dance as an extra curricular qualification. This means that we are in the process of writing policy in response to the awarding bodies’ regulations. Once approved, you can be assured that we will be delivering the qualification with excellence and integrity.

Déda’s desire to offer GCSE Dance* is in direct response to the increasingly limited opportunity for people to study Dance in mainstream education. We believe that we are best placed to offer the qualification, taught by industry professionals in a fully operational dance house, and delivered in recognition of our commitment to the futurity of Dance as an educational and vocational destination.

Students can expect to study Performance, Choreography and Appreciation. They will develop knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and critical appreciation of their own and professional works. They will have opportunities to perform solo and group choreographies and study up close a range of choreographers and their significant works. Students will develop vocabulary to discuss art works and practices. They will develop critical skills to identify, analyse and utilise choreographic structure, choreographic devices and choreographic themes. Alongside this, they will develop their own artistry and physical practice.

Déda’s professionally equipped studios and team of qualified and experienced dance artists and teachers will bring a rich knowledge base to the experience of teaching and learning. Of course, there are other significant benefits to studying GCSE Dance in a purpose-built and professionally operating dance house. Our students will have access to additional technique classes as part of the Déda Academy. They will have access to workshops led by the professional touring dancers and choreographers programmed at Déda each season. They will receive careers advice from industry professionals so to understand how to navigate careers in the arts and generate knowledge of the sectors benefiting from the myriad of skills developed through dance education. Importantly, our students will study amongst a community of learners and practitioners. Post-graduate Dance and Choreography students, FE Performing Arts students, Hubbub Theatre Company, and students accessing our open classes utilise our spaces creating a hub of activity and experience. Our Plant Slant café provides an ideal space to meet, eat and socialise before and after class.

*subject to AQA/JCQ approval

A Level Dance

Firstly, we hope to establish and deliver a full cycle of GCSE Dance, however we have ambitions to further extend our formal qualification progression route by introducing A Level Dance, too. Watch this space!

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