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Choreo-Lounge is Déda’s initiative to bring people, practice and dialogue together, through a series of artist led choreography labs. It is founded on three themes: People, Practice and Care.

Déda values and nurtures knowledge generation through dance research and seeks to explore various models of opportunity that reflect the depth of post-graduate study, but with added accessibility and flexibility, enabled by Choreo-Lounge taking place autonomously at Déda.

Choreo-Lounge creates opportunities for rigorous choreographic enquiry, situated within existing and emergent critical frames. It aims to bring together a community of artists at various stages of experience willing to share, mentor and facilitate ways in and through choreographic enquiry. Déda commits to providing platforms for work to be shown at its various stages of development. Opening out the choreographic process and inviting in people to witness and come to know the various stages of choreographic practice, thinking and sense making.

Choreo-Lounge seeks to provide opportunities for artists to and residential communities to work together in sites that are meaningful to them. Déda commits to finding ways for residential communities, artists and practices to intermingle and interconnect in ways that support a symbiotic relationship of participation and care. Déda seeks to come to know Derby city and its residents through art making encounters, sensitively nurturing ways of seeing, ways of being and ways of knowing people and place.

The first wave of Choreo-Lounge focuses on Care and invites practitioners at all stages of their careers to participate in the pilot model Care to Practice/Practice to Care? which launches in August.

Care to Practice/Practice to Care is a two-week, artist-led choreography lab and curated series of artist talks.

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