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Aerial Level 1 Aerial Level 1

Aerial Level 1

10.06.23 - 10.06.23
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Time: Saturday 3:30pm

Tutor: Gareth Bailey

Discover a fantastic new way of developing your fitness, strength and flexibility in our Aerial Level 1 classes. Perfect for those who want to build on their skills and get to grips with the equipment and a range of conditioning exercises that’ll help you tackle some impressive new tricks and transitions and bring out your inner acrobat!  

Spring Term 1: 14th Jan - 18th Feb

Spring Term 2: 25th Feb - 1st April

Summer 2023 Term 1: 22nd Apr - 27th May

Summer 2023 Term 2: 10th June - 22nd July

What to wear: We recommend clothing which covers the skin, particularly your back and abdominals. Avoid zips, studs or jewellery as this may get caught in the equipment. Please wear leggings or clothing you can easily move around in with bare feet.

Take your aerial training to the next level.

Progression of our aerial classes

Our classes are broken down into one of the following levels: 

  • An Introduction: Designed for beginners. Gareth will ensure that all class participants are catered for in the session.
  • Level 1: Suitable for beginners, those returning to dance or exercise & people looking to master the fundamentals of a style. 
  • Level 2: Perfect for people seeking progression, skills development and those who want to learn new and more challenging moves or steps. 
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Class Type

Wondering which class is right for you? Our handy class finder can help. Simply click on either the ‘Adult’ or ‘Children’ button below to see what classes we have to offer.

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Adult Adult



Is there a particular day of the week which is more suitable for you? Click on the days listed below to view our current timetable.

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