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  • 1. Are there risks associated with Aerial classes?

    All physical activity carries an amount of risk so all classes at Déda including Aerial are assessed, then guidelines and procedures are put in place to minimise that risk. Our experienced Aerial tutors will ensure all participants have all movements explained and demonstrated before they try anything themselves and wherever possible tried at ground level before using the equipment.

    Participants are only to perform moves that have been demonstrated and agreed with the tutor and are advised to hold on to the equipment at all times unless advised to do otherwise by the tutor in charge of the activity.

    There will be crash mats under all equipment and gym mats around the area where the activity is taking place.

  • 2. What should I wear to a class?

    You are advised to wear close fitting dance style clothing – leggings, leotards etc. T-shirts and tight tracksuit bottoms are also suitable but your top/t-shirt must be long enough to stay tucked in at all times. Please avoid clothing with zips or button fastenings which can get caught in the equipment. It is really important that the backs of the knees are covered. The classes are all done in bare feet.

    All jewellery must be removed and any body piercings (especially those around the midriff) must be removed or taped. Long hair must be tied back safely.

  • 3. How high off the floor will I be?

    Between 1 and 4 metres, dependent on experience and ability. This will be assessed by your tutor.

  • 4. How many people will be in each Aerial class?

    To ensure participants have sufficient time on each piece of equipment, we have limited our class capacities to a maximum of 10 for each course.

  • 5. I have an injury - can I still attend my class?

    If you are injured you should let your class tutor know at the start of the session. Please seek the advice of your GP before participating in the class if you are concerned. 

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