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In Motion (11-19 Years) In Motion (11-19 Years)

In Motion (11-19 Years)

6 Week Course: Wed 2 March - Wed 6 April 

5 Week Course: Wed 27 April - Wed 25 May

Price: £45.00 for 6 week course / £37.50 for 5 week course

90 min Class

Join our In Motion class and explore contemporary dance with Danni Chell. This is an exciting youth dance company for young people aged 11-19, where you will develop contemporary technique, learn repertoire and get creative!

Price reflects the full course of Academy classes; tickets must be purchased in advance.

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  • 1. Do I need experience?

    No, we are proud to offer classes that are accessible to those from both a dance and non-dance background. Once enrolled, we ask for a termly commitment so that our tutors have the time to build your technique and ability. Prior to this, you do not need to have any previous experience.

    Our Youth Dance and Circus Company and Bounceback are the only companies that require an audition before enrolment. These are open auditions so, although some dance experience may aid your audition, you do not need to have any dance experience beforehand and we welcome everyone, regardless of background or experience, to apply.

    Our auditions for these companies happen annually. Please contact Isobel Davis, our Dance Development and Learning Coordinator, for further information at [email protected].

  • 2. When can I join?

    Once you have decided to join, you can do so at any time of the year but, as payments are half-termly, it ideally needs to be at the start of a new half term. If our classes are working toward a performance opportunity, we may ask you to wait until the following term. However, our Box Office will advise you of this when booking so you do not need to worry if this is not the case.

  • 3. Do I need to perform?

    Our Youth Performance Companies (Jump, Bounceback, Incompany and Youth Dance and Circus) work toward performance opportunities so performing is a requirement. 

  • 4. What styles of dance are covered?

    Contemporary dance is the focus of all of our Youth Performance Companies and Creative Dance classes. Our tutors use their experience and expertise to offer a broad range of Contemporary Dance techniques throughout their teaching. On occasion, performance opportunities can lead to classes exploring other styles. However, contemporary dance remains the sole focus of these classes.

  • 5. What do I need to prepare for auditions?

    Our open auditions do not require you to prepare anything in advance. For information about a specific audition, please contact Isobel Davis, our Dance Development and Learning Coordinator, at [email protected].

    Our general audition process involves taking part in a contemporary class and learning repertoire as part of a large group. You will perform the repertoire in small groups, never solo. In addition, you will have a creative task to respond to but, again, this will be as part of a group. We do not ask you to perform solo or prepare anything in advance.

  • 6. What does a typical lesson involve?

    Each company class offers a balance between learning technique and exploring creative exercises. Tutors use this to build a strong foundation for developing performance and choreographic skills.

  • 7. What kind of music is used?

    Our classes use a broad variety of music to suit exercises and compliment exploration of practice. This also develops musicality and knowledge of a wide range of styles.

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