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Déda addresses the need for opportunities for artists in the region through our artist development programmes:

Incubator is a new programme for gifted recently graduated artists enabling them to develop their work, collaborate with artists in Déda’s existing Associate Artist Programme and make a positive transition from studies to a demanding workplace. Incubator offers a bespoke programme of development designed to enhance Graduate’s employability and build their professional network, whilst developing and retaining talent in Derby and the region. This is a programme focused on allowing new young artists a safe and nurturing environment that allows their choreographic practice to flourish.

Generator is Déda’s flagship associate artists programme which enables artists at varying career levels to gain access to a more in-depth and lengthy support programme. This allows more time, space and resources to let artistic ideas/practices flourish organically and build a stronger connection with Déda.

Déda OffSite programme encourages venues, festivals and events across the region to share knowledge and resources and best practice regarding outdoor performance. Through this programme we work with a broad range of regional partners to create opportunities that take regional talent to the national and international market place.

Artist residency programme – utilising the Déda facilities to provide nurturing environment for Artists, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Déda|Artists Aims:

  • To raise the aspirations of local artists
  • To raise the calibre of local artists by increasing opportunities
  • To encourage people to take part in dance
  • To support professional training within the region
  • To link the work of high calibre artists with Déda and the region
  • To raise the profile of Déda and the region within the UK dance community
  • To encourage artists to relocate, return or stay in the region
  • To offer various packages of support that will develop the work of associate artists
  • To offer a safe place for developing new work
  • To form a national network of small-scale touring venues concerned with the development of new work, encouraging debate and support in order to move new work forward
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Associate Artists

Déda supports the development of Artists at a regional and national level at varying career levels. Find out who we’re supporting.

Associate Artists
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Offsite (Outdoor Performance)

Find out more about Offsite, Déda’s talent development programme supporting the development and performance of outdoor work.

Offsite (Outdoor Performance)
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