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Double Register by Paul Johnstone and Vitor Azevedo Double Register by Paul Johnstone and Vitor Azevedo
Visual Arts

Double Register by Paul Johnstone and Vitor Azevedo

20.05.24 - 10.08.24
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Visual Arts

Deda is proud to present the work of two prolific Derby based painters, Paul Johnstone and Vitor Azevedo. Double Register showcases a selection of works by both artists exploring a combined love of colour, texture and the expressive power of abstraction.

Paul Johnstone 

Paul Johnstone is a self-taught artist whose interest lies in work that is both ambient and contemplative. Colour, mood, drama and presence are important to his process. Johnstone’s approach involves using oil paints and a knife in a repetitive mark making technique that builds and deconstructs layers of colour. This approach adds both depth and texture to the work resulting in heavily layered, abstract spaces.

Vitor Azevedo

Vitor Azevedo’s work addresses the conflict between misplaced objects, the observation of everyday happenings and concepts that are placed in conflicting environments. He experiments with these subjects to challenge the way an audience may look at their environment, sometimes making the comfortable uncomfortable and subverting the balance of what is usually acceptable or not. 

Much of his work addresses his own personal history which stems from a background of religious symbolism, family values, a love of the sea and the traditions of Portugal. Azevado explores these memories to freeze a portion of his own personal, cultural and social history through the construction of specific materials and concepts.

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