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Bird Bird


06.06.24 - 06.06.24
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BIRD, the Lustrum Award Winner at Edingburgh Fringe 2023, is a stage sequel to AKDC’s critically acclaimed dance film ‘Catch The Bird Who Won’t Fly’ choreographed by Amina Khayyam.

This performance opens with a striking silent scream – conveying the harrowing experiences of domestic violence survivors. It delves into the uncertainty and fear that plagues women in abusive situations as they contemplate breaking free and rebuilding their lives. 

Inspired by a workshop with a women's community group, BIRD confronts the social stigma faced by these women, through a high-energy Kathak dance and a specially commissioned live music score by Jonathan Mayer.

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BIRD started in a workshop with a women’s community group – where a participant asked – “What happens to a woman when she runs away from domestic abuse?”

Amina Khayyam said “All issues relating to women are a huge part of AKDC’s work and one of the re-occurring themes that keeps coming up again and again is domestic violence within the community. In our digital work ‘CATCH THE BIRD WHO WON’T FLY’ we explored experiences of the perception felt by women that they have no option available to them, so they stay with their abusers… and the difficult decision they made and the dynamic relationship with external agencies and other DV leavers when they find themselves being hurled together in a refuge home or sheltered place”

High energy Kathak weaves the story to a specially commissioned live music score by Jonathan Mayer(with an adaptation of John Marc Gowan's sequence fromSlut), joined by Debasish Mukherjee on tabla and Iain McHugh on cello.

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