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If you are an artist working in Derby, Derbyshire or the Midlands, Déda wants to help!

During these unprecedented times, we are offering 1-2-1 surgeries with our Creative Producer, Phil Hargreaves, to help artists and producers over the next few weeks navigate the current climate.

Sign up for a 45-minute chat to talk over anything from creative ideas, challenges you may be facing in the current climate, support with writing emergency fund applications, networking or just for a general chin wag.

The sessions will be delivered on Zoom and allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Please note, priority will be given to artists and producers who identify as working class, BAME, disabled or from the LGBTQI+ community, to ensure Déda continues to support the wonderfully diverse community that surrounds our artistic programmes.

These are unprecedented times, to help us ensure these opportunities reach and connect across communities please help us distribute via social networks, emails and digital bulletins.


  • Tuesday 14th April 13:30 & 14:15
  • Wednesday 15th April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Thursday 16th April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Friday 17th April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Monday 20th April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Tuesday 21st April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Wednesday 22nd April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Thursday 23rd April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Friday 24th April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Monday 27th April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Tuesday 28th April 9:00 & 9:45
  • Wednesday 29th April 9:00 & 9:45


  • Monday 25th May 9:00 & 9:45
  • Tuesday 26th May 9:00 & 9:45
  • Wednesday 27th May 9:00 & 9:45
  • Thursday 28th May 9:00 & 9:45


  • Monday 22nd June 9:00 & 9:45
  • Tuesday 23rd June 9:00 & 9:45
  • Wednesday 24th June 9:00 & 9:45
  • Thursday 25th June 9:00 & 9:45

To book a slot please contact Phil Hargreaves, Creative Producer, on the information provided below:

Email: [email protected]
Number: 07702755705

Please Note: In addition to the surgery times provided, there may be extra support writing applications for those working in the Dance, Circus and Outdoor sector who identify as BAME, disabled and/or LGBTQI. If this is not possible, we will endeavour to point you in the direction of those who might be able to help.

Important Information

  • All of the current COVID-19 funds are based on new criteria which are available online. With this in mind we cannot give out any advice related to these funding programmes. We also cannot guarantee any conversations will result in applicants receiving funding. These decisions are out of our hands and are the responsibility of the respective organisations named in the call outs.
  • Those wishing to have applications checked over must send them via email directly to Phil Hargreaves (on the information provided above) at least 24hrs prior to the booked surgery, in order to allow for adequate reading time.
  • Anyone who may need this information in additional formats please contact the Déda team and we will ensure we work as hard and fast as possible to get the appropriate information to you in the correct format.


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