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About Déda and the STEAM Project

Déda is an arts venue in the heart of Derby. We aim to enrich people’s lives with dance and the arts. We believe that the arts can give people the keys to open-up doors to new places and spaces. That the arts inspire and energise people and that it improves people’s lives.

Déda's STEAM project combines dance and the arts with STEM subjects to make STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths). Our work in the field of STEAM is very important to us as much of our programme sits in the crossing-over point between the arts and STEM including our work in learning, participation and engagement as well as producing and presenting.

Our partner schools on this project have been working with us for over three years on a variety of projects and we have developed a signature way of working which is defined by curiosity and innovation.
Key project outputs are to use STEAM approaches to encourage children to consider careers in STEM, especially those from underrepresented groups, as well as enhance public engagement skills of those in STEM related professions.

Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious Fund, we hope to create one big, exciting, creative experiment this summer, which will energise and inspire all who take part.

STEAM was shortlisted for Mainframe Derby's 'Creativity for Good' Award 2020.

STEAM 2021

Designed to energise the next generation of creatives in the field of STEAM, our 2021 STEAM project explores different types of 'energy', through talks, movement exploration and plenary activities, bringing together a uniquely creative partnership of primary school children, teachers, artists and emerging and established STEAM ambassadors in one big, exciting, creative experiment.

We are looking for people to join in this uniquely creative partnership and it could be you!

- Professionals in the STEM Sector: if you are looking to advance your public engagement skills and are interested in mentoring the next generation of STEAM ambassadors, then the STEAM Project could be for you!
Read the full brief and project plan for STEM Professionals here

- Undergraduates and apprentices in the STEM sector: i
f you are looking to develop your public engagement skills and interested in experiencing what it’s like to be a STEAM ambassador, then the STEAM Project could be for you!
Read the full brief and project plan for STEM undergratuates and apprentices here

Apply to become a STEAM Ambassador

If you would like to apply to become a STEAM ambassador, please send a brief expression of interest, including your experience in engineering and/or STEM, to Rachel Austin at [email protected] by Tuesday 30th March 2021.

We will follow up with a Zoom meeting to discuss the role in more detail. A reference from your employer or professional in your industry is required. We may also carry out a DBS check on agreement.

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